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Vintage set of gold weights

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  • Description: A vintage set of eight Matryoshka-ing weights for weighing against gold on a balance scale. Outer bucket is also the case, and is marked "8" (ounces, probably), with each layer inside halving, 4, 2, 1, 1/2; the whole thing is marked 16 (ounces, 1 pound)
  • Material: metallic, maybe brass
  • Size: largest 7cm across the hinge, 4cm tall.
    • Smallest 1.4cm diameter, 0.5cm tall
  • Condition: Great
  • Item: 10521
Note: All pieces are pre-loved and may have minor flaws which add to their unique quality. Please keep in mind, that every piece has a past. We do our best to photograph and explain the condition of the item, including any minor defects. To be sure of the best fit, please measure yourself in reference to the measurements we have provided in the description.